• Mission:

    We are a knowledge-based company that provides research, consulting, design, procurement, and implementation services in the field of energy management, building systems, and related
    equipment for industrial sectors and organizations utilizing technology, innovation, and appropriate standards.

  • Vision:

    We are committed to enhancing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of business by utilizing intelligent and innovative technologies, as well as fostering creativity and innovation. Additionally, we aim to play an influential role on the sustainable development of our country while entering other foreign markets.

  • Strategic goals:

    •  Deployment of intelligent and innovative technologies
    •  Increase service capacity
    •  Increase revenue
    •  Enhance service quality
    •  Improve resource efficiency
    •  Enhance organizational agility
    •  Increase customer satisfaction
    •  Develop social responsibilities
  • Organizational values:

    •  Scientific and forward-looking management
    •  Customer-orientation
    •  Creativity and innovation
    •  Process-oriented and results-driven
    •  Environmentally friendly
    •  Business ethics