The story of Behineh Sazan Sanat Tasisat Company:

  • 1994


    The Fuel and Combustion Laboratory was established at the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology.

  • 1994-2004

    Initial research and several research projects on optimizing burners were conducted in the laboratory.



  • November 3rd, 2004


    The company “Behineh Sazan Sanat Tasisat” has officially been established and registered.

  • 2004-2006

    The initial period of the company’s activities passed by carrying out two projects, “Optimization of 5000 Boiler Rooms” and “Supervision over the conversion of fuel in 33 sugar factories,” and collaborating with the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology to conduct standard tests on various types of burners!



  • 2007


    By winning the first tender, we entered the field of energy audit in building and industry. Since then, we have audited more than one million square meters of buildings and over 50 factories!

  • 2008

    As the first energy consumption standards inspection company in Iran, we have been selected and started operating in 11 different industries. Later on, we expanded our scope of activities to include 23 industries as well as buildings, and we have always been ahead of other competitors in this sector in the country. This year, upon the recommendation of Iranian Syndicate of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Industries, we signed a contract with Alpham Company for the operation of the Radiator and Convector Reference Laboratory. In (2016), we fully acquired the laboratory and transferred it to our company. Since its establishment, this laboratory has been the most important reference laboratory for radiator standard tests in Iran.



  • 2009


    By conducting a research project at the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), we wrote a draft of the Boiler Room inspection standard. This draft later became INSO 16000 with some modifications and was made mandatory for all government agencies in (2016). At the same time, we introduced the Boiler Room inspection work to the Tehran Municipality through RCESD (Research Center of Environment and Sustainable Development). Since then, Boiler Room inspections have been carried out annually in all areas of Tehran Municipality, and Behineh Sazan Sanat Tasisat Company has been a leading provider in this field by conducting inspections on thousands of Boiler Room units without any hesitation or doubt.

  • 2010

    Based on the necessity of a systematic approach to continuous improvement in energy consumption reduction, we initiated the implementation of an energy management system in government buildings and industrial centers. In the same year, we were invited by the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad to join the Energy Consumption Optimization Committee for poultry farms nationwide. Since then, we have collaborated as consultants with the Ministries of Petroleum and Agriculture Jihad, as well as poultry equipment manufacturers. This collaboration has led to the development of standards for poultry consumption and related equipment used in poultry houses, as well as the preparation of qualification confirmation guidelines for active entities in the field of poultry house equipment in the country, by the experts of this company.



  • 2011


    For the first time, we approached the CGS (City Gas Station) heaters. Our efforts during this period have resulted in the development of the process plan “Energy Consumption Reduction in CGS (City Gas Station) in the country,” the codification of guidelines for optimizing CGS (City Gas Station), the codification of guidelines for auditing CGS (City Gas Station) heaters, the design and construction of the first modular burner forced air prototype for use in CGS (City Gas Station) in the country, and its development in various capacities. We also designed and built intelligent control systems for forced air and atmospheric burners, heat recovery systems in CGS
    (City Gas Station) heaters, designed, manufactured, installed, and standardized the use of dampers in CGS (City Gas Station) heaters, and optimized energy consumption through cost-effective solutions in over 250 stations. These combined efforts have led to a reduction of over 50 million cubic meters in natural gas consumption. Our efforts in this field have resulted in obtaining a research license from the Ministry of Petroleum in the field of CGS (City Gas Station).

  • 2012

    We have transformed the Fuel and Combustion Laboratory into the National Center for Testing and Research of Heating Systems through a revolutionary development. At the start of its operation, this laboratory only had two test rigs for 70 and 480 (kW) burners. However, it now has nine test rigs to conduct various safety, performance, and energy labelling tests for different types of burners (at all capacities), boilers (up to 400 (kW) capacity), and heaters (up to 300 (kW) capacity) at this center.



  • 2013


    We have started the design and construction of laboratories for others. Using the knowledge and experience we gained from developing our own laboratories, we have provided services to major manufacturers of heating systems such as “Iran Mashal”, ” chauffagekar,” “Pakman”, “Toyouran Abzar,” and others in terms of laboratory quality system design, construction, and consulting. Our largest project in this field is the “Design and Construction of a Complex of Gas Equipment Laboratories in the Eastern region of the country” for Khorasan Razavi Gas Company.

  • 2015

    After signing a contract with the Vice-Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge Based Economy Affairs to implement a pilot project for improving the efficiency of 200 Boiler Rooms in buildings in Tehran, we were selected and qualified as a knowledge-based company producing goods and services. In the same year, we were recognized by Iranian
    Research Organization for Science and Technology as the top knowledge-based company located in the technology incubator center and received an award!



  • 2017


    With the aim of fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment and future generations, we have incorporated an environmental perspective and climate change into the scope of our activities. We have successfully become the first Iranian company in the field of energy consumption optimization to join the Climate Technology Center & Network (CTCN).

  • 2018

    With the continuation of innovative activities in the field of optimizing natural gas consumption at CGS (City Gas Station), we have established ourselves as a knowledge-based company in this area. This year, we successfully obtained training licenses from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran to conduct educational courses! Additionally, through a memorandum of understanding, we have become responsible for providing training and consulting services in the field of “energy and sustainability” to subsidiary companies of the Ministry of Petroleum and other government institutions, as appointed by the International Energy Studies Institute. Obtaining a qualification approval license for steam boilers inspection from Iran’s National Qualification Assurance Center (NACI) has been another achievement of the company this year.



  • 2019


    In this year, the company has successfully executed several key projects in the form of energy and environmental optimization in buildings (EEEB). These projects were defined by the Vice Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge Based Economy, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program and the Global Environment Facility. The most notable project implemented was the application of energy optimization solutions in buildings through ESCO contracts, which was carried out for the first time at a national level.

  • 2020

    In order to expand the scope of our company’s activities in the field of sustainable development, we have launched a startup called “Pooya Andishane Ruyaye Sabz Aban” (Parsa) with the aim of civilization-building in the desert and creating a circular economy in the area of food production. Furthermore, considering that we were the only provider of certain laboratory services in the field of testing heating equipment in the country, we have expanded our activities from this field to other knowledge-based products and services.



Furthermore, during these years, we have achieved various services including the development of several important national standards, conducting numerous specialized and general training courses throughout the country, as well as actively and effectively participating in professional and trade societies, consultative bodies, and decision-making centers in the fields of energy, environment, and national standards